Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Weekend's U-pick and Valley Center Western Day's

I am continually surprised by the amazing people that come to the farm.  Every farmer wants to sit and talk, or "jaw" like my granddad calls it.  Don't get me wrong.  Farmers love to be out in the fields and the peace and solitude that comes with it is priceless.  

Farming is a labor of love.  A love of the land, a love of the work, a love of the community, and a love to share.  That's why farmers love to sit and "jaw".  It becomes our chance to share more then the great food we produce.  It's our chance to share the stories of that great food.  A chance for us to share our knowledge with you and thereby create a connection that is much deeper.  

That is why I love the U-picks on Saturday and the Open Houses we have once a month.  This is also the reason why we are making every Saturday an Open House with U-picks.  We want more of a chance to meet YOU.  And we want to create the opportunities for this to truly become YOUR farm.  

We had a great time this past weekend exploring the farm and meeting the chickens.  We also had the opportunity to attend Valley Center Western Day's and set up a booth.  Christy, Colby, Will, Rachel, and Seth pulled the 2 day duty for us and made a bunch of new friends.  

They did some face painting and wacky hair designs for the kids.  Hula hooping was on the agenda as well.

We set the booth up to help us expand our presence in the local community and to help increase the size of our CSA.

We are looking to expand our CSA dramatically this summer.  German, one of our farmers, is gearing up to be in the tractor seat daily.  We want to focus our CSA growth in the local communities that surround us, Escondido, and San Diego.

Our group went around handing out free samples of strawberries and I think it is safe to say they truly are the best in town.  

We gave out coupons as well for a free pint of strawberries so hopefully everyone comes out to redeem them soon!  

We also held a raffle for a free 2 box membership to our CSA.

So we have a lot of things planned this summer and we look forward to sharing each of them with you.

Make sure you come out next weekend, Saturday June 4th for our inaugural summer weekend schedule.  Here's the schedule for next Saturday and pretty much the schedule for all of them.  The only things that will change are the workshops and what's on the menu for the cooking class and potluck!  We are looking to make the workshops complimentary so that each one of them builds off the previous one.  We need to get the word out about Biodynamics and why the farm is so special!  Also after the day is done bring your own instrument so we can have a good old fashioned local hoe down!  Hope to see you all there!

9 a.m. - Introduction to Biodynamics Workshop:  What is Biodynamics and what does it mean to you and your food? $5

10 a.m. - Farm Tasting Tour - $5, Wear some good walking shows the tour can last around an hour

11 a.m. - Strawberry U-pick $5 a bag - the best strawberries around (and we aren't bragging!)

1230 p.m. - Cooking class - By Donations - We'll show you how to make something from the Strawberries you picked and another dish from what is in season and available in our store.

1 p.m. - Potluck - Free - This is where we'll enjoy what you learned to make and be able to show off your own cooking skills.  The center of any community is good food.  You are invited to bring your own refreshments.  We want everyone to feel as if they are home when they are here.

2 p.m. -?  Relaxing time!  If you are musically inclined bring your instrument for everyone else's enjoyment.  If you are artistically inclined help us make a sign.  If you have a green thumb then help us landscape the store.  In fact if you have any unwanted, neglected, or just too many plants around the house bring them on over.  We are especially looking for hanging plants to help us spruce up the outside of our farm store and outdoor classroom.

So come on out and spend the day in the country enjoying the good life.  Remember, this is your farm!  

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