Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mother Earth helping us feed our Chickens

One of the things that we are always trying to do around here on the farm is cut costs. Who isn't these days? And our chickens are eager to help out.

We feed our chickens several ways. First we let them free range in our orchard. They help keep most of the weeds down and help with pests on the fruit trees.

We also give them organic feed to make sure they are getting their needed protein for the day.

Third we provide them with green waste. Green waste is the unused fruits and vegetables that some of the restaurants, who buy from us, would otherwise throw out. Thereby we are reducing the waste going to the landfill and closing the loop a bit on the nutrient cycle.

Lastly, we started getting the spent grain from Mother Earth Brewery in Vista. This is grain that is left over from the brewing process and would otherwise go to the dump. Again TMF is reducing the amount of waste to the landfill and closing another nutrient cycle.

Next time you are in Vista be sure to check them out. Next time you are at Tierra Miguel, check out our chickens!

That's one happy rooster

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