Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farmer for A Day - The San Diego Little Explorers

On Monday we held one of our Farmer for a Day programs with The San Diego Little Explorers.

We started off the day with a tour.  This is where our Farmers for a Day learn how our food grows.  From seed to plant they get to learn what it takes to grow healthy food.

Of course there's time to feed the chickens and then it's off to the fields for a tasting tour.  Parents have you ever seen kids be so eager to eat their veggies?

Fennel, carrots, broccoli, beets and more.  Eating a raw beet and getting the juice on your face is a right of passage!

No tour would be complete without a stop to pick strawberries before they head back to the outdoor classroom for lunch.

Our Farmer for a Day program is customized to what you want.  This one lasted for only 2 hours but we have another one this Thursday that will be 4.  

For more information on Our Farmer For A Day Program contact Erin, 

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